Matthew J. Vook

Whether you are hurt on the job or due to the fault of another, the legal system can be confusing and a bit scary to those unfamiliar with it. Insurance companies know the system and know how to pay as little as possible. The “little guy” needs somebody to look out for his interests.


That is where I come in. My name is Matt Vook, an attorney serving all southern Idaho, focusing on the legal needs of the injured. I want to fight for your right to receive fair compensation for your injury.


After attending Boise State University and Gonzaga Law, I worked several years for the Idaho Industrial Commission and eventually took a job representing insurance companies in workers’ compensation cases. My conscious and my passion were elsewhere, which is why I came to work with the amazing folks at Petersen, Parkinson & Arnold, PLLC.


Before becoming a lawyer, I was employed in jobs that required me to work with my hands. In the Navy, I served hundreds of feet underwater on a submarine. On my family’s ranch, I worked as a ranch hand – moving cattle and operating heavy equipment. When working for the largest manufacturer in Idaho, I hauled industrial chemicals around the site. Basically, I know what it is like to work a dangerous, labor-intensive job, and the pride that comes from hard work.


For nearly all my life, I have called Idaho my home. When I’m not fighting for your rights, you will find me camping, gardening, or spending time with my family: wife – Ashleigh, son – Tanner, daughter – Athena, and miniature pig – Oswald.

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