Dennis Petersen - Worker's Compensation Specialist

Dennis Petersen graduated from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1980. He moved to Boise, Idaho immediately after graduation. Dennis went to work for a insurance defense firm after coming to Boise but after one year of practice doing insurance defense he decided that this is not where he wanted to go with his legal career. After a year of doing general practice, Dennis decided he wanted to represent plaintiffs and claimants in cases against insurance companies.


Dennis then went to work for one of the largest plaintiff/claimant’s firms in the State of Idaho. His primary practice at that time was representing plaintiffs in automobile accidents, slip and falls, and other personal injury cases against insurance companies. After handling over two thousand personal injury cases, from sign up to trial and/or settlement, Dennis decided to move into representing claimant’s in workers’ compensation cases.


In January, 1997, Dennis started the firm of Petersen and Parkinson representing both plaintiffs in personal injury cases and claimants in workers’ compensation cases. The firm then began expanding into Social Security Disability. As the practice expanded in Twin Falls, Burley and Idaho Falls, we added James Arnold to the firm and it became known as Petersen, Parkinson & Arnold.

Dennis’ practice is now in workers’ compensation cases representing claimants in their claims against employers and their insurance companies. Dennis has been representing claimants in Southern and Eastern Idaho for twenty five years. He has taken over a hundred cases to hearing before the Industrial Commission and settled without hearing at least two thousand cases.

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